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So there are lists all over the place, of course, to mark raves and disses across the spectrum of motion picture media, for the year or the decade past.  I really liked this one with a nice theme curated by the folks at Criterion: Hidden Gems of the 2010s. And it’s worth it just to see the suggestion for Twin Peaks to “become part of the core curriculum of high schools across this country.” Hahaha, we’ll see about that!

And for documentaries? Try this list from Paste, which has informative intros for their 30 choices.

There was this interesting piece from a couple of years ago picking 25 best movies for this century so far (until then, at least), and it has a link to choices from Sofia Coppola, Denis Villeneuve, and Alex Gibney, among others. Speaking of Villeneuve and Coppola, Dune and On the Rocks are both due in 2020!

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One of the innumerable lists of best Super Bowl Commercials

Next week is the arrival of one of the key American media events of the year: the Super Bowl.  Talking with people today in the halls of virtually any school or workplace across the nation, there typically seems to be as much excitement about the commercials as the game itself among the millions of people who will be watching the event (clearly, while they are also eating: the Super Bowl has become the second-largest day of food consumption in the U.S. after Thanksgiving and ahead of all the other holidays – so the advertisers are clearly doing something right!… or wrong, depending on your perspective from a health standpoint).

So, I will be updating my extended Close-Up Interview with Kevin Goff, which is featured in Chapter 3 of Moving Images: “Sound and Image.”  Check it out along with the links to some of his finest material.

Also, in celebration of the art of creative advertising, here is a link to an article from Paste magazine that features ads from some of the most celebrated filmmakers of the past few decades (Michel Gondry, Spikes Jonze and Lee, Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, and others).  Soon, the juries will be out on a new slate of “Super Bowl Commercials,” which sometimes seem to be more passionate debates than about the merits of the game itself!

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