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Bob-Hoskins-BrazilBob Hoskins, one of the great actors of our time, has left this sphere.  A little while back, I read Bill Hader’s Criterion Top 10 List — which I highly recommend — and I have to share this quote about Choice #3, Mona Lisa: When I first saw Mona Lisa, I had no idea who Bob Hoskins was (I was eight). I honestly thought they paid some low-rent criminal money to be in this movie. He was so believable that when I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I was like ‘Hey, that guy really turned his life around. This movie is huge. Good for him.'”

Good for him, indeed!  And so many other stunning performances.  For an intense one that features a story of movies at its core, I recommend this exceptional actor’s portrayal of Beria (the head of Stalin’s secret police) in The Inner Circlebased on the true story of Soviet projectionist Ivan Sanchin (played by Tom Hulce).  And I always have a soft spot for his comic turn with just the right hint of madness in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.  

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