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Sizzle in Paris this summer with Hepburn and Holden as they work to get the screenwriting juices flowing

Summer Movie about Screenwriting: Sizzle in Paris with Hepburn and Holden as they work to get the creative juices flowing

Chapters 3 and 7 (Sound and Image and From Page to Screen) are the sections of Moving Images that deal most explicitly and directly with screenwriting.  One of the topics introduced in Chapter 3 and pursued further in Chapter 7 is that of screenplay format.  Currently, there are many programs available to set up writing for proper screenplay format, such as Celtx (which offers a freeware version), Final Draft, Adobe Story, and many others.  Educators or students may wish to invest in any of these or access freeware versions, but here is another easily accessible option.  Microsoft Word can be programmed so that through the style settings the basic components of a script are ready to go.

Would you like a copy that is prepared for you?  Here it is: Screenplay template.  The titles for screenplay components in this document are those that I have used in Moving Images and are described in the definitions and descriptions in Chapter 3 (p. 101-106) and Chapter 7 (268-271).  This Word doc template has been set for Courier; you may have to change the font settings to Courier New depending on your version of Word.  Please review the style settings, because they can be problematic between software versions and they might need review or updating.  In addition, here is a template for a two-column script.

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