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GodzillaVsMegalon4Ah, what did it take to bring Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche together?… GODZILLA!

Whatever the case, what an opportunity to look at issues of what moviegoers accept as “entertaining blockbusters” and “terrible movies” and everything in between (or outside of the boxes Hollywood dutifully assembles).  Particularly in terms of how what viewers – particularly kids – will accept evolves with time, technology, and taste.  As many cinephiles will explain to you, the original “Godzilla” is quite worth watching, and the various issues raised throughout this creature’s storied career also merit close analysis — but we’ll see if time will judge kindly the newest incarnation of the post-World War II quintessential Japanese-sourced menace of the silver screen who is reborn in the wake of Fukushima.  Well, for however long humanity has got, now that Godzilla is on the loose again… and never mind all of those enormous insect-creatures that are always the true bad guys: See, we’ve always loved those manly anti-heroes, well before Breaking Bad – just look back to Godzilla and his old pal King Kong

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