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Google Doodle for Eadward Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge, who is one of the primary figures discussed in Chapter 2 (Inventions and Origins) of Moving Images, is being honored today with his own Google Doodle.  And it’s a great one!

One point about Muybridge’s achievements that is rarely recognized clearly enough is that he was holding public exhibitions of moving images – essentially the first primitive projections of movies – as early as 1880, as reported in California newspapers.  As I say in Chapter 2 of Moving Images, “A medium as dramatic and viscerally engaging as motion pictures appears to have been driven by stories that are as engaging and compelling as many of those we see on our screens” (Moving Imagesp. 49), and the story of Muybridge’s bet with Leland Stanford is a dramatic one – along with the even more gripping tales of Muybridge’s acquittal for the murder of his young wife’s lover…

Among my earlier posts, you can find a piece about how filmmaker Steve Salter did a great high school documentary animation project that incorporated Muybridge’s iconic image of a horse jumping.

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