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NinjaVideoAs noted in earlier blog posts on mediateacher.net, one of the the most popular veins of cross-curricular planning is between business and media literacy studies.  The effect of economics on movies, television, gaming, and other media-related activities (even visual effects, such as in this visit with VFX supervisor Greg Butler) is discussed in Chapter 5 and other areas of Moving Images.  An important area to explore with students is that of legal use of media and understanding and respect for copyrights, intellectual property, and fair use standards.  This article from the New York Times – The Unrepentant Bloggerconcerning both a specific case involving streaming pirated movies (“NinjaVideo”) and the pursuit of illegal activity by various American criminal investigation agencies can be an interesting starting point or reference for discussion.  Some might be surprised to learn that jail time has been seen by some bloggers and uploaders of pirated materials.

And meanwhile from another spot on the Business pages, to attract more young viewers some theaters find they need to move past even 3D to explore further dimensions in the moviegoing experience…

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