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Storyboard example from "The Hanging Tree" by writer/director/artist Delmer Daves

Storyboard example from “The Hanging Tree” by writer/director/artist Delmer Daves

One of the primary preparatory methods available to mediamakers working through pre-visualization techniques is storyboards.  This concept is presented in the initial chapter of Moving Images and has been discussed numerous times in mediateacher.net blog posts (such as through the work of Alex Toth or Saul Bass).  For filmmakers and educators wishing to explore further a wide range of methods and historical uses of storyboards, the following post (with the caveat of “please be forewarned!” some of their examples are gruesome, such as from John Carpenter’s The Thing) from the exceptional site cinephilia & beyond is a superb resource.  The cases from such classics as Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, Ridley Scott’s Alien and Blade Runner, among others, are extremely informative.

And this year’s deluxe boxed-set blu-ray release of Jerry Lewis’s The Nutty Professor has provided one of the most unexpectedly thorough resources concerning storyboarding that has ever been released to the public.  In addition, for more information on the image at left and its creator Delmer Daves, check this post out on this inspiring American creator.

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