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much-ado-about-nothing-whedonEnglish teachers can move on from Baz Luhrmann (whichever frantic, begging adaptation) or excerpts from the 70’s Shakespeare movies or Gibson’s Hamlet or Branagh’s grand stuff because this is a very exciting new moment for Shakespeare stagings for the screen in many hues of silver.

Another little Whedon side project from Joss the writer

Another little Joss side project

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing has arrived and I highly recommend this excellent interview about the striking tale of this project that grew out of his work on The Avengers.   His “Anatomy of a Scene” video featuring the “blanky-cam” is good for students to think about drama and its interpretation, and for more info, there is also the surprisingly rare case of a well done official site set up for the movie.  Great for Chapter 4 of Moving Images: contemporary b&w cinematography at the filmmaker’s home; working with actors and crew to discover “where do I go, how do I say this, what will give our choices meaning?”  (Mr. Whedon was featured in an earlier blog entry; that’s why these are “more surprises” with this filmmaker who is full of them; he would have been doing just fine with those miracles known as Buffy and Firefly. )

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