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loveduckslogoArthur as a title has two great distinctions.  (Yes, and a big Dudley Moore hit from a few decades ago.  Kinda funny.  But odd, for sure.)  First, George Harrison’s inimitable punch line to “What do you call this haircut?” in the groundbreaking Richard Lester masterwork and Beatles-style celebration of life and music-making A Hard Day’s Night

And next, what is easily in the Top 5 of best-ever kids’ TV shows (and really one of the best of any shows): ArthurYup, the kids animated show.  Endlessly inventive, quirky, character-driven, wittily subversive and provocative, gentle, inspiring, dramatically solid, and consistently brilliant, Arthur is a treasure of children’s programming.  You want a major lesson in Media Literacy? — check out The Love Ducks from the episode That’s a Baby Show!

colbertarthurSo this recent piece by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featuring his musical collaborator Jon Batiste and some special guests was a real treat.  Enjoy!

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lateshowmtFor teachable moments, the Melania Trump speech will be known as quite a doozy.  And this week the work of Stephen Colbert for the Late Show has provided a laundry list of striking television images that have been second to none: from musical numbers to Hunger Games characters to James Bond silhouettes posing as the Trump RNC entrance to a riff on the infamous Melania speech, it has already been a treasure trove for media literacy.  Regarding the issue of plagiarism that was raised by the speech in question, a website well known to many teachers for dealing with student cheating, TurnItIn, has offered their own brilliant and thorough take on this specific case: Understanding Plagiarism to Avoid Controversy.  (To cite my source: the title of this post is a quote from Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman.)

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