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"Sanjay's Super Team" by Sanjay Patel

“Sanjay’s Super Team” by Sanjay Patel

Throughout the media, there is lots of heated debate revolving around this year’s Academy Awards.  Here’s an invitation to escape the controversies about the lack of skin-hued diversity among the nominees for a moment and check out the short films nominated in the three categories devoted to shorts: animation, live-action fiction, and documentary.  Visit ShortsHD for info about where you can find the Oscar shorts and lots of other short film info.  And by the way, there’s lots of ethnic diversity represented in many of the shorts nominated for Oscars in these categories.  But evidently, these movies don’t count for anything.  However, they certainly do for us and for anyone who loves inventive, invigorating moviemaking off the beaten path.  So check them out, you will probably find something you like.

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