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In the beginning… (Mondo Poster for Jaws)

It’s beach time again!  Every summer, mediateacher.net has featured discussions of the ever-evolving — or oh-so-static — world of the summer blockbuster and the ways in which movie studios work lots of angles to prop up their tent poles, for better or worse.  We have discussed super-hero fare and Soderbergh talks, studio pitches, summer classics, and evolving tastes with tech and fx, among many other topics.

The ingredients...

The ingredients…

As students think about how stories are constructed and how studios approach the moviemaking process, for this month we recommend a revealing article that discusses Why Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass Couldn’t Quit Jason Bourne.”  One of the high priests of jump cut acrobatics, director Paul Greengrass, and the versatile actor / writer / producer /etc. Matt Damon have returned to the Bourne series after it had begun so many years ago with Doug Liman at the helm. (Hey! You should click that Doug Liman link — it’s an exceptional interview about Edge of Tomorrow and he also talks about The Bourne Identity.  Great reading about his work as a director and working in Hollywood.  And Limania.)



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captain pTruth in Fiction, Part 1: It was just announced that the New York Film Festival will open this year with Paul Greengrass‘s movie Captain Phillips.  With current trends leading us to have “Inspired by Something that Really Happened Somewhere Sometime in the Course of History” at the bottom of every movie poster, this movie starring Tom Hanks is another in the mode of last year’s award winning Argo.  Issues of the gray areas between non-fiction and fiction motion picture media are discussed at length in Chapter 6 of Moving Images (including images from the movie Seabiscuit as a motivator for classroom debate, among others), and contemporary filmmakers continue to push boundaries from both sides of the ledger.

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