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The presentation at the NCTE 2013 Annual Convention went very well and it was a great pleasure to serve on this panel with Frank Baker and Bill Kist.  It was quite fun to have been able to discuss “Film: A 21st Century Common Core Literacy” with a packed room of educators early on Saturday morning!

Here is a file that reviews the PowerPoint I put together for my talk: NCTE Conference 2013.  In addition, here is a document that I shared: a unit plan for the study of The Odyssey with the film  O Brother Where Art Thou? by the Coen Brothers: Moving Images Critical Notebook 1d Casinghino.

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Casinghino NCTE 1Don’t they love their acronyms!  American public education is following the examples of the business world and bureaucratic government circles in adopting an acronym for every initiative that is launched these days.

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, this weekend I will be participating in a panel with authors Frank Baker and William Kist to discuss Film: A 21st Century Common Core Literacy.  For my presentation, I will be addressing the value of incorporating media literacy education principles as a support of the guidelines and objectives of the Common Core, and I will share specific examples that I have created for media literacy classrooms which dovetail well with high school ELA curricula.  In particular, I will discuss a comprehensive instructional resource that I have prepared for Homer’s The Odyssey and the film O Brother Where Art Thou? by the Coen Brothers.  In addition, I will share conceptual ideas behind a complete set of modules that I have developed in which I link principles of media literacy development in the chapters and featured motion pictures of Moving Images to exemplar texts of the Common Core.

CasinghIno NCTE 2For each of these text/movie thematic pairings, there will be performance tasks, project-based learning opportunities, and questions for use in SBAC-type assessments.  Hope to see some of you at the 2013 NCTE Annual Conference! — and for those who can’t make it, stay tuned for all of the materials that I’ve described here!


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Annual13At this year’s National Council of Teachers of English annual convention in Boston, I will be taking part in a panel presentation and discussion with media literacy scholars Frank Baker (Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom) and William Kist (The Global School and The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media Age).  The session on Saturday, November 23 is titled Film: A 21st Century Common Core Literacy, and in it we will be engaging participants in an investigation that places media literacy in the context of core 21st century literacy.  Film has been integrated into the English classroom over the last century, and this session builds on that work; including multiple lesson ideas and examples that situate motion picture communications squarely in the center of what it means to be an effective reader and writer within a screen-based society.  

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