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Taking a step outside (photo Carl Casinghino)

Taking a step outside
(photo Carl Casinghino)

In a rough stretch of winter, it’s time to recharge the batteries!  Right about now a new semester is arriving across the land, so I’ll be posting some helpful links for educators — they might be reminders to refresh our perspectives or could offer some excellent resources that are a new discovery.  For our start today, here is a set of Internet pages that many teachers have looked to regularly for the past few years: Frank Baker‘s Media Literacy Clearinghouse.  Baker has recently published the book Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom, and he maintains many Internet platforms that can be exceptionally helpful to educators working in fields associated with media literacy.

To add to one of his pages I had referenced earlier in a blog post related to Social Studies, here are some extremely useful spots to start: Language of Film, which has numerous sections that are highly practical and extensive, from cinematography to criticism to film history to screenwriting and many points in between; For Your Consideration, which focuses more specifically on topics related to awards news; and his official blog linked to the NCTE.

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