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From Boxes, by Brendan Kirschbaum

Here are two shorts by Brendan Kirschbaum, a student in my media literacy and digital production classes from this past school year.  The first, Boxes, was his final for the fall semester, and the second, Zom, was his final project for the advanced class.  They won awards for Animation and Editing at our 12th Annual Film and Video Festival this past June. Both can be very interesting to use for Chapter 2, Inventions and Origins, for their use of non-dialogue visual communication (or a number of other lessons in Moving Images as well!).

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The Aftermath, or Why I Seem so Tired in the Morning by Jake Peterson

From our 12th Annual Film and Video Festival, here are some award winning shorts  directed and produced in my high school media literacy and production classes by Jake Peterson.  The first, The Aftermath, or Why I Seem so Tired in the Morning, is the short Jake produced for the portrait assignment in Chapter 5: Personal Expression and Studio Production.  Next is a documentary that presents a state championship season of a high school cross-country team: SHS X-Country 2012.   Finally, there is The New Officean entry in the rapidly-developing genre of the mockusitcommockumentary.  Or something like that.  It won a screenwriting award.

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