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charstarleneJust saw this short movie, I Forgot My Phonedirected by Miles Crawford  and written by and starring Charlene deGuzman that was posted yesterday (according to the YouTube channel) and has nearly 4 million hits.  I will definitely be using it on my first day lesson in Media Literacy and Production this week.  Quite brilliantly put together.

cell phone teenI should add that I was in Disney World recently, so the content of this short and another one that remains to be made on rental mobility scooters are certain to hit home with particular force for me right now.  I was constantly seeing entire families with young kids all sitting at a dinner table with every person on a device; in one instance, there was a baby in a high chair staring into space with her two siblings, about four to seven, on their phones or tablets as well as their young mom and dad.

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